Development of rural tourism in the rural Municipality of Mogila with support from the Agency for Tourism


Detecting opportunities and the need to develop rural tourism in the Municipality of Mogila was the topic of discussion at the working meeting of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism (APST) of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Ljupco Janevski, initiated by the mayor of the municipality, Jasmina Gulevska.

” There are opportunities and conditions for development of tourism in the Municipality of Mogila, but a strategy for development and sustainability of rural tourism is necessary. The municipality has a need for cooperation at higher instances and institutions for proper and appropriate planning of activities, so that tourism as a profitable branch could revive the region. It is necessary to encourage expatriates to return to their home and to use the connections with Turkey for greater promotion of the region, given the fact that the region has been most visited by Turkish guests “-stated Gulevska.

“Soft measures, that is training of local people for the opening of accommodation facilities that will offer authentic accommodation, with local gastronomy and unity with the local way of life are needed, since these values are required by the new travellers and explorers. Valorization of all tourist facilities, content and sites is necessary. Creating a story that will be promoted at all international tourism fairs and that will attract potential tourists to visit the municipality of Mogila is necessary. The number of 20-30 thousand overnights is a reality, if the doors to tourists are opened and migration in the region is reduced. History, culture, various events, folklore, gastronomy and other factors position Macedonia high on the list of desired destinations in the region and in Europe “-pointed out the Director Janevski.

Both institutions agreed to the need for rural tourism strategy at the national level with all its segments (eco, agro and other forms of tourism). The two institutions will organize a debate in the municipality, through which the local population will be able to learn about tourism opportunities offered by the region, and how tourism can boost local economic growth with the development of this industry. Undoubtedly, the promotion of tourist sights needs additional features of the attractions, a trigger that would attract tourists to hear the story and explore the site.

Mogila stretches on the Pelagonian plain and has a fairly well geographical position and traffic connections, because the main road E – 106 and the railway Bitola – Prilep pass through its central part. These features provide easy accessibility and an increased number of visitors to the municipality of Mogila. Also, the central settlement Mogila is located at a distance of only 10 km from the large urban centre Bitola. The vicinity of Bitola is an advantage in terms of the complementarity of destinations, complementing of natural beauty with the tradition and the manifestations in the region. The municipality holds several events, which can undoubtedly become a tradition with proper planning and promotion.

The focus of the cooperation between the two institutions, the municipality Mogila and the Agency for Tourism will cover all the above segments, which by their realization will contribute to the overall development of tourism in the country. We believe that the focus on communicating with new target groups of tourists and promoting rural forms of tourism, will enable direct encouragement and promotion of local economic development, job creation and financial impact in the local economy.