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The International Tourism Fair Vakantiebeurs 2019, this year will be held from 09-13 January 2019 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The fair is expected to be visited by over 117,000 visitors and over 1200 exhibitors from around the world from 65 countries.

Vakantiebeurs is the leading tourism fair in the Netherlands which there is a possibility of networking between the Macedonian and Dutch private sector.

In the Republic of Macedonia the number of tourists from the Netherlands grows continuously and in 2017 compared to 2016, the growth of Dutch tourists in the Republic of Macedonia increased by 12%, while the number of nights spent by 11%.

Link to the official site of the fair:

Vakantibeurs - Утрехт, Холандија

09-13 January 2019 година

To participate in the international fair, it is necessary to send scanned the following documents:

Notification of the International Fair Event

  1. Filled out form (stamp and signature)
  2. License A (for travel agencies)
  3. Current situation from the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia
Internal Rulebook on organization, manner, procedure and amount of registration fees for participation in international tourism fairs








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