Агенција за промоција и поддршка на туризмот



The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia hereby informs the citizens, tourist organizations and tour operators that the political situation in the Republic of Macedonia is stable, and the safety of all citizens and visitors is guaranteed. All current events in the Republic of Macedonia are being performed in a smooth and undisturbed manner, in an environment of constant peace, and do not represent any threat at all for the de-stabilization of the society, both in regional and global frameworks.


The last month’s armed attack by the terrorist group in Kumanovo is over. It represented a solitary case, which had no implications upon the remaining part of the state and wider in the region. The situation is normalized, while the terrorist group is completely eliminated. In the period from 15th to 17th May, the Republic of Macedonia was visited by tourists from the countries of Benelux, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, Poland, China, as well as guests from the neighbouring countries, primarily Bulgaria, Albania and Greece.


Hence, the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia confirms its assurance that all state institutions from the area of tourism, together with the tourist agencies, are well organized and fully prepared for the upcoming tourist season in the Republic of Macedonia, thus ensuring unhindered performance of all activities linked with the tourist potential of the country.


Once again, we are using the opportunity to assure you that the safety and security in the Republic of Macedonia is at its highest level, and at the same time, we most kindly invite you to visit our country and experience its tradition, hospitality and enjoy our natural beauties.


Креиран од Mevludin на 02.06.2015