Агенција за промоција и поддршка на туризмот



Respected colleagues and dear friends,


            In the last few days Republic of Macedonia has survived difficult moments. Armed criminal group created threat to the safety and security of the citizens but with appropriate and decisive police reaction criminals were neutralized and the danger completely removed.

            Also we would like to inform you that the predicted trips to Macedonia by the foreign partners are running as scheduled, without any cancelations towards bookings to Macedonia. 

            We would like to underline that according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Macedonia in the beginning of 2015 recorded the fastest growth in tourism compared to the other European countries in terms of foreign visitors.

            The Agency’s forecast for the season of 2015 is that the growth in tourism will exceed 10%.




Agency for Promotion and support of tourism




Kristijan Djambazovski, PhD 


Креиран од Mevludin на 12.05.2015